April 2021 Michael Gathering with Susannah and the Council of One: Introduction to Planetary Service

The April 2021 Michael Gathering was held over Zoom and Susannah and the Council of One presented a session on Introduction to Planetary Service. The files from the gathering are available for you to enjoy—the presentation pdf, the audio only file and the complete audio/video Zoom session that was recorded.

Presentation PDF
Recorded Session-Video
Council of One Michael Gahteringh April 2021


Tools for These Times, March 2020

During this challenging time of the global pandemic of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the resulting COVID-19 illness, it is natural for us to feel fearful and stressed. There is a lot of uncertainty about what this pandemic will mean for the physical and economic well-being of ourselves and our loved ones.

It’s important to keep constant contact with our essence and guides at all times, but especially right now. The Unified Field, the Essence Breath (found in the Expanding Our Capacity technique), Grounding into Spirit, and the Transpersonal Spiral are all excellent tools for this. The Frequency Expulsion is also very good for helping to clear our bodies of unfriendly microbes—viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. But it takes several minutes to do this technique correctly. All Techniques will be most effective if you are in a Unified Field, so do that first.
Included in this document are the following techniques to assist— Purity Blast, Purity Mesh, Purity Cyclone, Calming the Instinctive Center.

The 2016 U.S. Election from a 5th Dimensional Perspective
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November 13, 2016

​We are the Council of One, and we have been asked to comment on the 2016 election. This is the first time such information has been requested of us. We remind you that as a group, our focus is on healing and the evolution of all consciousness, and so our response will necessarily reflect that orientation. As with every transmission received from any source on any dimension, please use your own discernment to filter all information received. If it resonates with you, it is yours. If it does not, feel free to discard it. We would ask that you allow all that we transmit to stimulate your insights so that you may better understand that which is true for you in this moment.

​First of all, we will digress to discuss Chaos Nodes. We have given many transmissions on this subject prior to this, and so we will be brief. Those of you who are familiar with this information may skip it. A Chaos Node describes a time period when there are a significantly greater number of mergers and/or splits of parallel universes than usual. Historically speaking, there have been relatively few of them, as they are only required when there is an inflection point that shifts the trajectory of life on Earth, whether in a biological or global civilizational sense. At this time, the Chaos Nodes are marking an inflection point in both arenas. In 2012 there was a year-long Chaos Node, which marked the first time in the current cycle that there were more mature souls incarnating than any other soul age. From 2014 to 2024, these Chaos Nodes will continue for half of each year, roughly from June to December, the summer and winter solstices depending on which hemisphere you inhabit. This pattern of occurrence will accomplish the acceleration of your historical timeline. They are predominantly—but not exclusively—merging parallel universes. This acts to compress and concentrate all of the energy of the collapsing parallels into relatively few. This provides the “fuel” for the acceleration through what we have termed an historical singularity.

We have said before, and will now repeat, that your presidential election was held during this year’s Chaos Node. We are aware that there are many who are going through some kind of emotional upheaval in response to the election of Donald Trump. Even those who may have supported and voted for him may now be feeling a sense of unease and disquiet, because he represents an unknown quantity in the arena of American politics. Very little can yet be perceived concerning his likely actions, and their probable results. We would like to offer a broader context on current events. From our perspective, the Chaos Nodes accelerated the arrival of conditions that were already bound to occur at some point, given current geopolitical trends and the results of past collective choice in your group of parallels. If it had not been this year, it would have been in four years. As your planet is already feeling the effects of the changing climate—even if on a personality level an individual might reject the reality of climate change—the human population is moving itself in response, much as plant and animal species are shifting their locations through migration. This is already bringing pressure to bear on the traditional borders of modern nation-states, and will eventually lead to the dissolution of nation-states altogether. This influx of migrating humans and the environmental pressure of changing planetary conditions has, in turn, applied pressure to human societies. It has offered choices in how communities absorb and cope with this shifting population. The response to these choices will in turn determine the kind of politics and socioeconomics a country will enact, both internally and in regards to their relationship with other nations.

Through globalizing economies and rapid development of technology, goods and knowledge are shared with a depth and breadth not formerly experienced by human societies. Much as territorial borders are being pressured, so are cultural borders, and this has generated a friction that has resulted in many countries seeing the rise of more nationalistic and authoritarian forces affecting their political expression. To a certain extent, this has always occurred throughout known human history, but never before on such a scale. Never before has there been such a high human population on the planet, living in such densities. A global population of over seven billion living humans—all exercising their free will, all generating the spinoff of parallel universes through their choices—has an accelerating effect on the rate of change as experienced by everyone currently alive. This leads also to the subjective perception that time itself is accelerating. There is validity to this perception.

In every possible sense of the word, the current population is living through an unprecedented time in human history. This era is providing a wealth of opportunities for evolution on all levels. We have previously offered the metaphor that Earth is a school where students of all grade levels attend to their lessons in the same classroom. The different levels of curriculum are what we and other causal (5th-dimensional entities) model as “soul age”. While the essence is eternal in every sense that you would understand, it is useful when engaging on a cycle of incarnations on a planet to organize the lessons. Information on soul ages is abundantly available elsewhere; we will only remind you here that the planet now has more mature souls incarnating than any other soul age. Therefore Earth is now considered a mature-soul planet.

Young souls have been the dominating force on planetary history for roughly the last 2,000 years. The young souls on the planet—who have been able to have things “their way” for two millennia—will not relinquish their dominance quietly or without resistance. It is not in the nature of that soul age to do so. While it has been channeled before that the planet would remain young soul for another few centuries, that is no longer true in the current trajectory of parallels. When it was understood that a great effort would have to be made collectively so that Earth could remain suitable for human (and cetacean) incarnation, Earth collectively decided to accelerate the soul age transition, and the Chaos Nodes are enabling that decision. This means that you are compressing a few hundred years of social development into mere decades. While the United States is currently a young-soul country, there is a large population of baby souls as well. Baby souls are still focused on learning lessons of basic physical plane survival, as well as the forming and building of society. Their motto is, “Do it the right way, or not at all.” For this reason, they can have a certain rigidity to them. From their perspective, “following the rules” allows them to survive. If they are religious at all, they tend to seek orthodoxy and more fundamentalist expressions of their religions. They also experience primal fear quite easily, because they haven’t yet experienced enough incarnations to be more comfortable on the physical plane. Young souls, as can be readily observed, often manipulate the fears of these baby souls for their own personal power and expansion.

This is not to say—nor do we in any way imply—that all of those who voted for Donald Trump were baby souls. People of all soul ages voted for him, for their own reasons. But there is no doubt that Donald Trump—a young king—manipulated the fears of many groups of baby souls to propel him to the presidency. While the 2016 election has often been framed as a reaction against the status quo, when looked at in these terms, it represented just the opposite. Whereas left-leaning liberals—many of whom are mature and old souls, with a smattering of idealistic young souls—perceive that change is not happening quickly enough, a great many conservative-leaning individuals feel that changes are happening far too quickly for them. Donald Trump is their effort—however misguided—to put the brakes on change for a while so that they can catch their breaths. It is their attempt to toss a monkey-wrench into the works so the engine seizes up and they can slow down. His protectionist stance on trade and isolationist stand on foreign affairs makes them feel like they will be protected. As it happens, they are erroneous in these suppositions, and they will discover this as time goes on. It is important to remember that for many of these people, freedom is the last thing they want, though they may pay all the proper lip service to the ideals of liberty. This is how autocrats seize power. They appeal to those who only want to feel safe. When they don’t feel safe, they are going to make sure that no one else feels safe, either, until they are taken care of in a way that makes them feel secure again. Ironically, their fear impels them to make electoral choices that result in their lives and livelihoods becoming even more precarious. Fear attracts its like.

The kind of leadership that Trump represents is also the natural result of the steady transformation in the Republican party, which since the 1960s has been moving in a more nationalistic, authoritarian direction. The Democratic party shifted right as it took in more of the moderate Republicans who no longer found that direction tolerable, and became far more corporate-friendly and conservative when compared to earlier Democratic—and even earlier Republican—leaders. Since the Republicans absorbed members of the Democratic Party who opposed the civil rights movement of the 1960s, the Republicans have become the party that predominantly represents the interests of white nationalists—an ever-shrinking demographic. While the Republican party has tried to shift its “branding” for the last decade, it has been less successful in regaining the presidency as they have been in state legislatures and in Congress.

Trump is not an ideologue, but a pragmatist. He saw that this situation could be exploited for his own self-aggrandizement, and did so. With a certain amount of cynicism, he “played to the audience”. We would caution you, however, to take his words seriously, as some of his followers have certainly done already. As your poet Maya Angelou once said, most wisely: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them, the first time.” From our perspective, we see this development facilitating a tremendous opportunity for healing wounds that have festered for ages, long before America was even dreamed of as a nation. The forces of racial, social, sexual, economic, cultural, national, religious, and political division seem very strong to you at the moment, but only because they are being more fully exposed to your attention at this time. It seems especially shocking after the progressive promise of the nation’s first black president. These divisions are the forces that were the dominant paradigm of the baby and young soul eras of your planet’s history (the last 15,000+ years), where lessons are brought to bear by outward expansion and the imposition of power over one’s territory and over others.

The mature and old soul eras of your history will have as their dominant paradigm inward rather than outward expansion. Relationships and relationality, identity and community, and environmental stewardship and remediation will be the hallmarks of the future. That time is closer than you might realize. If you observe closely, you will see it already beginning to take shape. It might take quite a few decades or even centuries before longstanding issues and tensions between people can be resolved karmically on a local level, but it has very much begun. One of the results of having a two-party political system is that the system can and often does become quite polarized. The rise of Trump represents an extreme right-wing authoritarian swing of the pendulum in response to a moderately progressive move to left-of-center. The pressure of a Trump presidency will quite likely send the pendulum swinging in the other direction into an even more progressive direction. Just as an Obama presidency radicalized the right wing, a Trump presidency will likewise radicalize the left. And then there will be a reaction to that, and so on, the pendulum swinging, until the polarity is balanced at last. That will look like nothing you can even imagine right now. This is a time full of possibilities and opportunities as well as dangerous threats to personal liberty.

We perceive things differently than you do, you who are taking physical incarnations on Earth. We were once where you are, but where we are now (and where you will be) is a different, equally valid way of perceiving reality. The biggest difference, of course, is that you experience time, and we do not. You experience events sequentially, and so you see the universe as causal. We perceive events simultaneously, and thus see it as teleological, or purposive. Light always ends up where it intends to go regardless of the obstacles in its path. If you knew the future, you would never act in a way contrary to it, because you would see the purpose behind all events. But then again, if you knew the future, you would not have free will. Without free will, evolution is not possible. So when we incarnate, when we enter the field of time, we temporarily trade our simultaneous perception of the all for the illusion of sequential time, and causality. This is one of the challenges of translating our transmissions into the world of time. When we are asked to tell you the future, we will not do so, because we see the purpose in it, we know where the light is going, and would not influence anyone changing it. We see where this is going, but there are so many different paths to take to get there. Countless paths. That is why we speak to you in terms of probability rather than certainty.

So we have no certainties to offer you now. But we have given you tools to help you navigate to your highest-probability outcome. To express your essence. To experience yourselves as love. To temporarily transcend polarity. To recognize and overcome your fear. From essence’s perspective, events are meaningless. What is fascinating to essence is the response to events, and the choices made as a result of them. It knows where it’s going but not how it gets there. Because this is what allows essence to evolve. And to evolve all consciousness is, ultimately, the purpose of essence. How will you choose to respond to events? There is no right or wrong way; or, rather, you will find your own way. If you are experiencing great emotion as a response to these events, allow that. Process that. Express it if you wish. If you feel driven to some action, take that action. If you want to help protect the most vulnerable of you, then do so. If you want to get together into groups to raise and direct healing energy to people, institutions, or the planet itself, then do that. Do any of that. Do all of that.

Whatever you choose, evolution will occur. You literally cannot “choose wrong”. You can, however, choose wisely. And true wisdom is the knowing on all levels: All is one. We are one. Yes—one. Even with people you fundamentally disagree with on every level. We will remind you to be aware of the dynamic that when shame overwhelms capacity, it expresses itself as blame directed at others. Many of you are feeling a deep shame right now, as is often the case when the extent of the wounding is revealed. Watch for it. Let essence heal it. You are far more powerful than you could ever realize. When you combine your efforts and your energy with others, you are literally unstoppable. You are light—and nothing gets in the way of light when it’s on the move. We remind you that the point of the particular curriculum you are studying on Earth is unconditional love. This is not synonymous with unconditional acceptance, of course.

Channel your shock, your anger, your outrage into constructive action, in whatever way seems appropriate. Recognize and acknowledge your fear, and displace it with essence. “What would love do now?” is always a stimulating question to ask, and the responses it evokes make you even more powerful, individually and collectively. Especially for older souls, unconditional love is, in itself, an action that affects the world around you. Boldly recognize and confront your own fear, help heal it in others, and displace it with the light of everything you are.

Look closely into the mirrors you are offered—and you will be offered many in the coming days and weeks. Ask yourselves, “How do we co-create societies that are inclusive, more equitable, allowing for freedom but protecting the ‘youngest’ souls, the most vulnerable people, as well as the planet we depend on for life?” And become all that you are in response to that question.

We love you, and we are here.

Connecting to the Inner Altar of Your Heart
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“God is a comedian playing to an audience too scared to laugh.” —Voltaire

I’d like to bring your attention to an exercise posted on the website Techniques page, called Connecting with the Inner Altar of the Heart.
These days, with our experience of time accelerating to a dizzying extent, the highly random factor of the Chaos Nodes we’re currently navigating, the precarious state of the global enterprise of civilization, and the increasingly urgent messages from our only home, the Earth, it’s easy for us to feel stressed and anxious. To say the least.

At these times, I think it’s important for us to ground into the deepest part of our core beings—our spark, our essence, our soul—so that our hearts can be at peace regardless of whatever might be happening around us in our bodies and on the physical plane. I am telling you that this is possible. It is possible to be calm even when confronted with danger and darkness. I know, because I’ve done it myself, and if I can do it, so can everyone else. And I can do it because I have learned to access what I call the Inner Altar of the Heart. This is our access to our soul’s home in the Inner Planes.

What Are the Inner Planes?
To understand the Inner Planes, please allow me to digress a moment to discuss the astral plane. Most people on the spiritual path have heard of the astral plane, or the 4th Dimension. It’s the place where our souls focus themselves between our physical incarnations and where we go when we dream. It’s overall tone is emotional, and it is a place of vivid color and imagery, where humanity has drawn its inspiration and its creativity since we began the ensoulment process. From the astral plane, our soul guides (or guardian angels) connect with us—or try to do so. Once we “cycle off”, or complete our cycle of physical plane rotations, we focus ourselves in the upper astral plane. There, we continue our work on the astral while we wait for the rest of our entity or soul group to finish their incarnations. Once our entity has cycled off, we all go together to the 5th dimension (called sometimes the causal plane), where we merge together fully and act as teachers and guides to the astral and physical planes.

This is the current model we are working with, at least. There are other planes in this model, which will be the subject of a later post. But for the purposes of explaining the Inner Planes, and why they are so important, I’ll also mention one other plane, the akashic. The akashic plane is different from the others in this model in that it interpenetrates all the others, including the 3rd and lower dimensions. It is where everything that is ever experienced by consciousness is recorded, essentially the Mind of God/Universe. Skilled psychics often tap into the astral part of the akashic to draw forth information, such as past lives, their own or those of others. The 5th dimensional akashic also contains the so-called “probability grids”, where events and subjects unfolding along different timelines, parallels, and probabilities are tracked, experimented with, and explored.

The Inner Planes also operate like the akashic, in that they interpenetrate every other plane, possibly even including the Source/All That Is as well (the Council is not sure of this). It operates as kind of a spiritual level of the subconscious, the deep, rich levels where the symbolism unique to each soul’s inner landscape is maintained and grows through every incarnation and experience of progressing through the planes. What differentiates this “subconscious of the soul” from the traditional subconscious known to current psychology is that it is in general much more easily accessible to the soul than our ego’s subconscious normally is to us without aid of therapy. The more experienced we become as souls, the more sophisticated our use of this deep inner resource.

On Earth, humans usually access the Inner Planes exclusively on the 1st through 4th dimensions, though with the “Connecting” exercise it is also possible to access the 5th-dimensional level of the Inner Planes, where some very powerful internal work can be done. This exercise is, like the Unified Field Meditation, a foundation technique. In other words, it is used as a springboard for other exercises. In the future, I will be posting these continuing exercises. I often find that just doing this exercise makes me feel calmer, no matter what is going on in my life. Because from this place, I can access the vast resources that my soul has to offer. When I am in my inner altar, I can tap into the tapestry of experience I have had through my incarnations. Although I generally focus on my Earth lifetimes in this cycle, accessing the Inner Planes on the 5th-dimensional level allows me to tap into my lifetimes during previous grand cycles.

(A grand cycle is a complete rotation of a soul, from the time it is cast from the Source/All That Is, through a series of lifetimes on the physical plane, then through all the levels of the non-physical planes until it re-merges with Source/All That Is. After that, the process is repeated on other cycles, usually on other planets in different species types so that a broad range of life can be experienced. The more previous grand cycles a soul has completed, the more experienced it is, and the more evolved it becomes. This is the term used by the Michael entity in the Michael teachings. Because I’ve had a lot of exposure to those teachings, the Council of One often uses that terminology to describe things through me, because it’s now deeply ingrained as part of my spiritual filters. According to the Michael entity, in the current Earth cycle [ours is the fifth grand cycle conducted on the planet Earth] the average number of previous grand cycles for the souls incarnate here is 3 or 4. That means that there are a great number of souls here with only two, or even one, previous cycle. Soul babies! The man Jesus had 19 previous cycles, and the Buddha had 18. That’s pretty high for here, I think you’ll agree. It’s one of the reasons humanity built religions around these individuals.)

By practicing the “Connecting with the Inner Altar” technique, the instinctive center wiring in my base chakra—the one that processes the body’s basic wiring and triggers the release of cortisol and adrenaline in the “fight or flight” response—calms down and so does my body. My breathing evens out and I am able to access information and guidance that reassures me that I am safe. It keeps my connection to my spiritual body strong and gives me the confidence to deal with events and situations as they occur in the moment.

After all, I’ve faced adversity before, many times, as have we all. We are all experienced in the face of natural disasters, catastrophic injury and illness, the grief of loss, war, social upheaval, injustice, oppression, prejudice and tyranny. We have been there, done that and we will do so again. With the guidance of Spirit, we can minimize and even in some cases eliminate the negative impact of such current conditions on us. This is because when we are connected to our spiritual heart, we tap into the soul’s level of experience, the body of wisdom and knowledge, the skills and talents, that we have developed over lifetimes lived through this planet’s history, culture, and across race and gender. We have been paupers and kings, men and women, straight and gay and other, liberal and conservative, destitute and wealthy. This broad tapestry of experience gives us intuitive abilities that will allow us to more safely and successfully navigate chaotic times of uncertainty.

As many of us are saying through many, many channels, we are poised at the threshold of a future that has no precedent in human recorded history. From the time we all first started incarnating here and began our grand cycles here, we have been on an outward track of soul growth. Through our soul’s evolution through the infant, baby, and young cycles of perceptivity, we have expanded ever outward, seeking the reflection of the material world and experiences outside ourselves to provide our soul’s growth opportunities.

But the mature and old soul seeks growth and evolution through inner focus and processes, the material world with its distractions holding increasingly less luster for them as they rotate through incarnations. Having expanded as far as possible into the outward and material, the mature and old souls, in their differing ways, assimilate the outer world into an inner one. Instead of asking, “What can I do here and how can I do it?” the mature-old souls of the world ask, “Who am I and how can I love more?”

The infant, baby and young soul levels are about acting in the external theater of the material world, physical effort rewarding them with growth experiences. Increasingly more of the action for a mature and old soul is about unconditional love as an internal act that in turn affects the external world. Therefore, the experience of the material world can be changed by this internal action of love, which then expresses itself in the person’s outer reality while it may seem as if the individual is doing nothing much at all, at least in physical plane terms. This is in essence the mechanics of reality manifestation.

The Earth is currently in the process of transition, as we are all well aware. There are physical transitions we are facing in ourselves and in our environment, and also a massive societal upheaval in process. We are in the transition of moving from a young soul-dominant population to a mature-soul dominant population on Earth, and it will change everything. Nothing in our history will prepare us for what it looks like, because we haven’t done an internally-focused stage yet. This does not mean that overnight, we will solve all of the world’s problems. Far from it. It just means that our approach to these problems, and the way in which we shape our perception of them, will undergo a fundamental change. And there will still be less experienced and younger souls on the planet, undergoing their individual stages of evolution, playing out their lessons with an external focus in a way appropriate to their age. But collectively, as time goes on, the focus will be on more mature soul concerns, such as relationality, communication, internal analysis, and issues of social justice, human rights, and the environment.

In fact, it seems likely that the overwhelming focus in the near-term will be on environmental issues, because so many adaptations will be forced on us all by earth changes. And there is already a growing sense in our younger generations that the focus of their lives will almost certainly be some form of planetary healing and environmental remediation. Their focus and awareness are increasingly turning to such issues, often without family or educational influence. These cadres of mature and older souls are operating on an internal compass, soul-directed rather than externally-manipulated.

The most egregious excesses of modern warfare will come to an end in the not-too-distant future, not only because of this change of collective focus but also because there simply won’t be the resources to spare for it. The modern military industrial complex bleeds off the lion’s share of the world’s wealth currently, but that is not sustainable and is also in the process of collapse.

That is not to say that in the early phases of mature soul majority, wars and other military conflicts won’t still happen. There will likely be more attempts at diplomatic or social solutions before military action is engaged. It will be undertaken if necessary for collective planetary security, or to limit the effect of localized convulsions of violence. But war will over time become the tool of last choice. Near-future wars will tend to be on a smaller scale, blowing out intense long-term historical, cultural, and racial tensions between people. Towards the end of the mature soul cycle on earth, formalized military conflict will most likely be abandoned altogether by most if not all of the world. Young souls may still have their territorial rumbles for god, gold and glory, but they will be perforce restrained by the planetary commons, which will dominate positions of political and social influence worldwide. Since the time of Christ, there have been more young souls represented on Earth than any other soul age.

During this period of history, we have seen the gradual expansion of culture outward until practically all the surface world is now explored and claimed, its resources tapped and its people assimilated. It has brought us the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Age of Exploration and Discovery. It has brought us the Crusades and the Inquisition. It has brought us great works of architecture and art, and advances in technology and the sciences that would have seemed magic to us in earlier incarnations. In the 20th century, young soul dominance also brought us war and destruction on a scale undreamed of by the legions of Ancient Rome, whose principles of empire still thrive today in the international game of superpower.

But now we have reached the outer limits of expansion possible on this planet. The news is full of peak: peak oil, peak water, peak phosphorus/food, peak stable climate, peak everything. However, lest we freak out too much about this, this is hardly unusual for a planet with a soul complement like Earth’s, with relatively inexperienced souls playing the resource game of young soul expansion. There is almost always a lot of planetary erosion on such planets, and our Earth is no exception. Many of us here have done this transition before, in other grand cycles, so it isn’t new to our souls at all. This is just the first time we’ve done it this cycle.

This is good news! It means we need have no fear at all of what is coming in the way of Earth changes. We’ve done this before, and we will do it again, drawing on our experiences from other cycles to guide us and bring forth inspiration for creative solutions to the challenges that await us. By using the Inner Altar exercise, you can touch upon this infinite well of inner resources. You can calm the fear of your body, heart and mind and access information that will allow you the flexibility and poise to choose the highest probable outcome of any situation, always.

Best of all, you can experience the full power of the shulamit shalom, the “peace that passeth all understanding”, and, with it, you can live during these times of transition with more joy, more ease, and more Grace than you might have ever thought possible.
Fear not. The time is now!

Resistance and Surrender
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“In the big factory of perfecting human souls, the Earth was a kind of tumbler. The same as the kind people use to polish rocks. All souls come here to rub the sharp edges off each other. All of us, we’re meant to be worn smooth by conflict and pain of every kind. To be polished. There was nothing bad about this. This wasn’t suffering, it was erosion. It was just another, a basic, an important step in the refining process.” —Chuck Palahniuk, Haunted

There are many types of resistance. We can resist action, thought, emotion. We can resist an idea, an event, a person and the actions of a person or group. We can resist anger, grief, fear, joy, love. And we can certainly resist getting things done, as I resisted writing this article, AKA “procrastination”. The context in which I’m using it for this article is resistance to “that which is”, to what is occurring around us right now, which in extreme form can manifest as a resistance to life itself. Surrender to that kind of resistance can be seen as a path to joy, since one of the precursors to the experience of joy (as I understand it) is a full unconditional acceptance of that which is. By far, it seems that what all of us resist the most is change. Which is ironic, since it is for the sake of change and evolution that our souls incarnate on the physical plane in the first place. Time and space, as a means of measuring change, can only be experienced on the physical plane. While there may be something of an experience of time and space on the astral plane (or 4th dimension) on the lower levels, it is highly subjective and dependent on perception. In other words, on the lower astral, it takes time if we think it does, and it takes up space if we intend for it to do so.

On the physical plane, there are astronomical and geomagnetic forces governing a planet that determine a progression of time which is fixed by those physical laws and forces. The sun rises and sets according to the rotation of the planet around its own axis, years are measured by its orbit around the primary star, seasons progress according to the axial tilt of a planet, and so forth. Souls may use a construct of time and space—whether on the astral or physical planes— in order to deeply analyze an experience “frame-by-frame”. In dimensions higher than the middle 4th, time is experienced as simultaneous and nonlinear. The focus of our souls’ work is very different from there, as we become increasingly more concerned with the integration of what we learned during our physical incarnations rather than analysis of same.

In New Age circles, resistance has become something of a dirty word, but it definitely has its place. Without resistance in the form of weights in our exercise machines, we won’t build up muscle. Every moment we breathe and live can be seen as a resistance to dying. And while our souls honestly don’t care if we die, our bodies certainly have an investment in continuing, and that can only be seen as a good thing for life in general. It also appears that the more we resist something, the more of it we get to experience. This is because the force of our conscious attention, and the energy we generate by resisting something, creates a polarity that must balance out somehow. We indicate to the universe, by our focused attention, that whatever it is we are resisting is something we want to examine more closely, and thus more of it is brought to bear on us so that we can experience it. Thus, we declare the “War on (Some) Drugs”, the “War on Poverty”, the “War on Terror”, and all that results is that we get more of these things against which we are at war. (Perhaps if we want more peace, we ought to just declare war on it. Now there’s something to ponder…)

So how do we know whether our resistance in any given situation is beneficial or obstructive to our path? Simply put, where the resistance is fear-based, it is just in our way, and where it serves the process of growth and evolution, it is working for us. It’s helpful to remind ourselves that most resistance that sources in the mental and emotional bodies is fear-based to one degree or another. Resistance that sources from our physical and spiritual bodies tends to be of the more useful, beneficial kind. The body resists death, because if it were as detached as the soul about its death, it wouldn’t bother to avoid it, and thus our physical experiences would be too short for our souls to derive the richness and depth of physical expression that we seek. It resists pain and injury so that it can continue to function properly. The soul seeks and sets up life conditions that offer resistance in the form of challenges and even conflict as a means of advancing its evolution and growth. Such experiences build the “spiritual muscle”, as our bodies build muscle with the proper exercise.

So if we have determined that the resistance does, in fact, stem from our mental and/or emotional bodies, and is fear-based, how do we release it? How do we let go? We do just that—we let it go. We surrender. By doing so, we stop creating and building polarity and thus spare ourselves unnecessary inner and outer conflict that holds us back from following the directives coming from our spiritual bodies from soul. Surrender is another word that bears definition. In our culture, as well as many others, surrender has shameful connotations. In a strongly militaristic culture like that of the United States, surrender is a dirty word, it is to be avoided at all costs, because to surrender means to lose, and one of the many things Americans are conditioned against is to lose. We are taught to win at all costs, even and perhaps especially at the expense of the welfare of ourselves and others.

Surrender is seen as synonymous with resignation, with “giving up”, but that is erroneous. Surrender isn’t giving up, and has nothing to do with resignation, which is a cousin to despair. Surrender is a release from the resistance that generates polarity and holds us in place. The resistance is holding us in place rather than moving us forward. And once we’ve eliminated the polarity, we can truly act from a place of power, because we’re not wasting energy bouncing back and forth between the “negative” and “positive” poles of an experience. We can be neutral, which allows us to see a situation without charge, and thus more clearly. And from that place of calm serenity, we can receive clear communication from our souls, and access more energy to bring to bear in our lives and the important work of the soul during our lifetimes.

So here’s a technique that might help (I know, I’m all about the tech!):

  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, and relax.
  • Unify your fields per the Unified Field Meditation.
  • Connect with the Inner Altar of your Heart on the Techniques page of the Council of One website.
  • Allow your consciousness to settle in the center of the Threefold Flame (the three distinct flames are Love, Truth, and Energy). For the purposes of this exercise, the Love flame represents the emotional body, the Truth flame represents the mental body, and the Energy flame simultaneously represents the spiritual and physical bodies.
  • Focus on the Love flame. Call up all the areas of resistance there. You may see actual images, or just see it as dense accumulations of energy visible within the flame. You may have thoughts about it, or insights. Meditate on it for a bit if you like—if you’re conscious of where you tend to generate resistance, that can be useful information.
  • Focus on the Truth flame, and call up all the areas of resistance there. Repeat the instructions given above.
  • Now, transfer the resistance from the Love and Truth flames to the Energy flame. This will “give it up to Spirit”, which will utilize the energy in a more beneficial way (your physical body won’t be affected by it, since it can’t process this type of energy at all, and therefore it will “pass through” to your spiritual body).
  • When you feel complete, allow yourself to make contact with  your body. Did your body relax or contract? If it relaxed or simply feels neutral, you successfully released the resistance, if it contracts, repeat the exercise, because there’s more to do.
  • Allow your consciousness to return to the room.

The Grand Cycle
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According to the Michael Entity’s teachings, there are seven levels within each of seven dimensions. The Council of One agrees with this, but adds that there are overtones that bring the total number of dimensions and dimensional levels to 12. For simplicity’s sake, we will use the Michael Entity’s model for our purposes in this training.
All of us, as souls, are but fragments of a greater consciousness—the Source/All That Is. As the Source expands and extends its power through all creation, it differentiates itself into ever more fragmented levels of itself, in order to experience the evolution of its own consciousness. The Source seeks to evolve itself, and in this universe, it does so through the mechanism of fragmenting itself into separated levels of consciousness so that it can experience the bliss of reunification, a wholeness greater than the sum of its parts. The Michael Entity calls this the Grand Cycle.

The Grand Cycle

For the purposes of this explanation, we will use Earth as an example, but remember that Grand Cycles are undertaken on any planet suitable for souls to incarnate upon.
When a planet is made available for incarnation, interested groups of souls investigate it, and decide if they want to commit to an entire cycle of incarnation there. During this “try-on” period, entire group souls—called in the Michael Teachings entities and cadres—examine the planet itself, its qualities, its climate patterns, its physical forces and “pulse”, its dominant life-forms, all to see if the planet will suit it for an entire cycle.

Once an entity decides to commit to planet, it fragments into individual souls, which begin to incarnate into the dominant intelligent life-form (in Earth’s case, some entities committed to human lifetimes on land, and others to cetacean lifetimes in the oceans). For the purposes of evolution, the fragmented soul takes on perceptual filters so that it can focus on certain lessons. One of these perceptual filters is the concept of soul age. Of course, Spirit is eternal, outside of time, so the entire concept of a soul’s age is comparable to saying what grade of school they are in. When a fragment of an entity first begins its cycle of incarnation, it starts as 1st level Infant.

Infant Souls: The motto of the Infant soul is “Let’s not do it.” When a soul-fragment first starts incarnating on a planet, it has to get used to being in a body on that planet for the first time. Everything is threatening and scary to it—it is focused purely on how to survive on the physical plane. However, in some respects they are closest to the Source, because they were just cast from the Source onto the planet, just as a newborn baby is still very connected to the astral plane right after it is born. They tend to seek out life circumstances far away from complex, technological societies while they get a handle on just being physical. They seek simplicity in their social structures because they are just trying to get a handle on physical existence, so too much social complexity would overwhelm them. They are also extremely connected to the devic life of the planet. This is why some of the Infant soul shamans in remote South American tribes are able to tell you everything about a certain plant just by looking at it. They are still extremely connected to the devas of the plants and animals.

The remaining hunter-gatherer tribes on Earth are almost all Infant and Baby souls, with an Old soul here or there to guide them, as Old souls seek simplicity just as the Infants do. It is in the Infant and Baby cycles that the soul seeks most of the “primal” experiences of basic survival. As Infants, we must experience whatever the physical plane can throw at us—natural disasters, famine, predation by wild animals, etc. Infant souls tend to be very fear-based and operate mostly from the lower chakras, which make them unreliable and untrustworthy to individuals who have a bit more Earth experience under their belts. Their religions are usually animistic and shamanic, and ancestor worship is common, but the greater powers are usually seen as a source of fear, entities to be placated. Sex is often mechanical and basic, driven by lust rather than intimacy urges. According to the Council of One, the youngest soul on Earth right now is 4th-level Infant, and no more Infant souls are being accepted here.

Baby Souls: The motto of the Baby soul is “Do it the right way or not at all.” During the Baby phase, a soul is concentrated on learning about structure of various kinds—societal, familial, religious, political. It is still going for the “primal experiences” of life, but is a bit more organized than in the Infant phase, and can tolerate more complexity in its social surroundings. Baby souls often like to be the “big fish in a little pond”—too much complexity is still beyond them at this level. If they are religious, they tend to seek orthodoxy, and they can suffer great anguish over their sexual urges if sex and/or the body is seen as “dirty” or “evil” by whatever orthodoxy they embrace.

While the United States is predominantly Young soul moving into Mature soul as a nation, there is a great concentration of Baby souls in the Midwest and deep South, which can explain some of the more perplexing political dynamics of this country. The current Republican party and political and religious conservatives of all types tend to appeal to Baby souls, as they are still very fear-based (not only about their personal survival, but about “doing the right thing”). Some Young soul politicians love to manipulate the fears of Baby souls for their own personal power gain, while Mature souls are often given Baby souls as children to raise so that they can guide them and teach them.

Young Souls: The motto of the Young soul is “Do it my way.” This is the phase where the soul is most adventurous on the physical plane. The “Age of Discovery” during the Renaissance was a Young soul project. Young souls seek advancement and expansion in the material world in various ways, including the accumulation of wealth and political power. Trends and fads of all kinds are the hallmark of this soul age. If they are religious, they still tend towards the more organized religions, especially if they can be well advanced in the hierarchy. Sex and relationships become deeper and more nuanced during this soul age, though nowhere near as much as they become in the Mature soul phase.

At this time, Earth has more Young souls on it than any other soul age, though this is in the process of transition to Mature-soul dominance worldwide. This phase is the peak of outward expansion, using the material world as a stage for the soul’s lessons. While Young souls toward the late part of the age start the spiritual search that reaches full flower in the Mature soul phase, most relate it in some way to the physical world in a form of “spiritual materialism”. Young soul influence on the New Age can be seen in some of the hugely successful and lucrative “fad” spiritual books, that are long on bullshit and short on substance, and which focus on the manifestation of physical-plane wealth, power and influence.

Mature Souls: The motto of the Mature soul is “Do it anywhere but here.” This is because at this level, the soul becomes more sensitive to energy vibrations as its psychic abilities start to become more evident. While psychic perception is available at any soul age, it is only once the soul has reached the Mature phase that it becomes more dominant as a means of perception. This means that the Mature soul is made very uncomfortable by what it perceives as “negative vibrations”, without the understanding that such perceptions are wholly subjective and dependent on current circumstance. Once a soul reaches the Mature level, it is on a track of inward expansion rather than outward expansion into the world.

Relationships, communication, and social justice start to become the main focus, as well as the resolution of karmas incurred during the more fractious young phases, where all those primal physical experiences resulted in trouble with other beings. Pair-bonding is never more intense than during the Mature soul cycle, and sex is often a means of forging and experiencing intimacy rather than merely physical release. BDSM is a predominantly Mature soul interest, because of the power and relationship dynamics that can be explored through these practices. They are also more likely to be fluid around sexual preference during this phase (though every soul age produces homosexual and other “nonstandard” sexual practices), since relationship is the goal. They tend to be avant-garde in their food and art tastes, and they start to explore their spirituality through less orthodox means.

The “New Age” is a Mature soul invention. Interestingly enough, so is the Internet and TV service with 100s of channels. The Mature soul seeks to understand other cultures and points of view that it may have avoided, feared or derided during its younger cycles. The latest trend in Silicon Valley to work fewer hours in order to spend more time with family is due to Mature soul influence. Material advancement becomes less important, the older a soul becomes. While Scholar souls often seek higher education at any soul age whenever possible, Mature and Old souls tend to seek it only when it serves the life-path, not for material success.

Old Souls: The motto of the Old soul is, “You do what you want, and I will do what I want.” At this point, the search for Spirit and other members of its entity becomes irresistible, though this is rarely undertaken through any orthodox religion. While the soul may still have outstanding karmas with others to resolve, the focus becomes more inward, and self-karmas become more interesting to the Old soul as it learns unconditional love of self. As a soul gets older, it seeks more simplicity in its life, so as to have the fewest possible distractions on its search for selfhood and unity. Many homeless vagabonds (where mental illness is not a factor) are Old souls, throwing off as many of the distractions of modern life as possible in order to focus fully on expanding their inner space. However, their relative mastery of the physical plane and its survival lessons often make it seem as if they can “manifest from the air”—things that they need tend to flow towards them, rather than be sought actively.

The tolerance for ambiguity and other points of view that began in the Mature soul phase reaches its peak during the Old phase, and in general if the soul is “acting its age”, the Old soul phase is the most tolerant of others. Unlike the intensity of the Mature soul phase, the Old soul tends to approach relationships in a more detached, even casual manner, and sex becomes a means to merge souls rather than just to relieve the urges of the body. At the final level (last lifetime) of Old, the soul may lose interest in having sex at all, though this is by no means a universal.

Old souls, especially towards the end of their lifetimes, tend to avoid debt of any kind if at all possible, because on every level they are attempting to “balance the books” before cycling off. They tend to be very energy-efficient, and unlike the avant-garde “foodie” focus of the Mature soul phase, tend to seek simplicity in their food along with everything else, completely willing to carve the mold off of cheese before eating it. “Waste not, want not.” The final neurosis remaining to the Old soul is depression, and wrestling with self-karmas can lead to various substance abuse and addiction issues, though their experience with life in general means that they can usually get a handle on this if they want to do so.

Once a soul has completed the 7th level of the Old cycle, it is ready to “cycle off” the physical plane and stops taking physical lifetimes. Once a soul is complete with physical incarnation, it continues its work on the 4th dimension (astral plane), while it waits for the rest of its entity to cycle off. Once an entire entity has completed its physical cycle, the soul fragments reunite on the lower 5th dimension into an entity or oversoul, where it continues its work with other reunited entities and teaches and guides on the astral and physical planes. When the entities have completed their work on the 5th, they reunite and merge with the entire soul cadre on the 6th, where the work is integrating the experiences of the lower dimensions and expanding its concept of selfhood, the “many in the One.” Cadres then reunite to form greater cadres on the 7th dimension, and then ultimately reunite with Source again, bringing to Source the full rich array of all its collective experience during the grand cycle and advancing the Source’s knowledge of itself.

Then the Source casts the cadres again to another planet on the physical plane, commencing another Grand Cycle, in a continuous evolutionary dance. When seen this way, as an ever-rotating wheel, it can be said that the process of Grand Cycles is the engine of God’s evolution. On Earth, the average number of previous Grand Cycles for humans is 3 or 4, with cetaceans averaging 4 or 5. Because a soul grows more experienced with each completion of a Grand Cycle, a Young soul in its 10th cycle can feel more “advanced” than an Old soul in its 2nd. Souls with more than 20 previous cycles under their belts will only rarely incarnate on Earth, because it would be too simple to be a challenge for them. However, sometimes a soul with a greater number of previous cycles than the planet supports will incarnate, for various purposes, though it usually won’t undertake a full cycle here. The Council of One refers to such beings as “avatars”, and there’s usually some spiritual agenda involved when they show up, though not always.

How To Navigate a Chaos Node
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So just what is a Chaos Node anyway?
A Chaos Node is a convergence point where parallel realities and parallel universes (see below) are in a constant state of flux, merging into each other and splitting off again. While parallels do this more or less all the time, the Chaos Node acts like a historical “chokepoint” in a physical plane timeline, and is marked by a greater number of parallels doing the merging and splitting, thereby bringing greater intensity and a broader range of possible futures to bear.

How Often Do they Happen?
Historically, a Chaos Node is a relatively rare event on Earth—you might see one every decade or so starting in the 20th Century, lasting about two weeks at maximum. Before the 20th Century, these events were even rarer. A Chaos Node is enough to move an entire planet and its population onto an entirely different track, which is why most if not all prophecies made before 1987 are no longer valid. This is because we no longer occupy the parallel where those prognostications were made. The acceleration of our experience of time also means that the timing of prophecy made after 1987 is off. In other words, if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen much sooner than expected. You see, 1987 had a major three-month Chaos Node in it, which threw us all onto an accelerated timeline track. This could change, of course, with the upcoming Chaos Nodes. Events might move faster or slower, depending on where we are on the other side of the Nodes. Despite the scary-sounding name, there is nothing inherently positive or negative about a Chaos Node. It is completely neutral. As always, it is our perceptions and filters that determine whether we see any event as “good” or “bad”. It all depends on our vantage point. The difference in the Chaos Nodes of 2010 is that there are two of them this year (April 1-July 1, October 1-January 1), both lasting a full three months. That means that during 2010 we will spend a remarkable six months of the year in a Chaos Node. At the current time, it is projected that nine months of 2011 will be spent in a Chaos Node, while 2012 will be a full-year Node. What this means for 2013 is anyone’s guess. In other words...hold onto your hats, we’re in for a wild ride!

What are Parallels?
Parallels—meaning parallel realities and/or universes—are a means for the “Source of All That Is” to experience consciousness in all its possible permutations. Whenever we make a choice among two or more options, we spin off a parallel where the unselected options play out. Another way of looking at it is to remember that there is no possible way to subvert Divine Will. Free will is the mechanism by which the Source effects the evolution of consciousness, and is what separates individuated souls like us from devas or angels, who can only operate according to their divine programming, or “wiring”. So we are all free to choose to act in whatever way we want, even if our choices directly contradict the will of Spirit/Source. We are blessed to live in a universe where we are given absolute freedom and total permission, because we are created to be the expressions of Source’s unconditional love. For example: your soul set up a mate agreement with Fred, arranged prior to your incarnation, but you choose to marry Tom instead. That’s fine, you can do that—but you then spin off a parallel to experience that choice and take that branch of the path, while simultaneously, another parallel “you” continues to follow the will of Spirit. As a result of the entirety of human history being populated by free-willed individuated souls, there are countless parallels of Earth alone. Sometimes they continue for centuries, sometimes for a few moments, depending on the level of choice. There are planetary parallels as well as individual ones, where history took an alternate turn based on collective choice, as well.

When parallels collapse, the energy of that entire universe is merged with remaining parallels and made available for use. Parallels collapse for various reasons—planetary parallels can run their course or end in some extinction event, and individual parallels will collapse as soon as they no longer serve the cause of evolution, or with the death of the “parallel self”. The creation, maintenance, and destruction of parallels for a given planet are conducted from the 7th Dimension, or Buddhaic Plane, of that planet, because that is the minimum level of advancement needed to handle the complexity of it all. However, all souls start learning about how to navigate the parallel grids from their first incarnation on a planet, with the help of our guides. When our soul runs the “life simulator” on the middle astral before taking incarnation to explore the possible outcomes of our pre-life choices, we are playing with the parallel grids.

I Am Infinite, I Contain Multitudes
We may be experiencing simultaneous, or concurrent, existence in literally billions of parallels. Obviously, the human mind is not equipped to deal with complexity on this level, and so we think of ourselves as being in the “One True Reality” or parallel. But this is simply not true from the perspective of Spirit, where all concurrent incarnations across parallels and the timeline are equally valid. When one of our parallel embodiments experiences the collapse of its parallel, it merges with one or more of the remaining concurrent incarnations. In other words, we are constantly jumping from parallel to parallel. We usually retain no conscious memory of doing so, for the sake of experiential consistency. Still, we are constantly receiving “bleedthrough” from other parallels, accessing this information through intuition, meditation and dream.

During times of heavy parallel mergers or splits, this bleedthrough can be intense to the point of disorientation. This sense of dislocation can be severe enough that those who are already suffering from emotional and mental imbalances can be pushed over the edge into a full psychotic break. Active psychics are especially sensitive to parallel bleed-through. Our parallel incarnations might look very much like us, or we could be expressing through an entirely different body, gender, sexual orientation, culture and manifested soul age, depending on how far the parallel in question diverged from the reality we are used to experiencing every day. Similarly, there are planetary parallels that look all but identical to our everyday reality, and parallels where the planet looks very, very different from the one we’re used to, to the point where we might not recognize it as Earth at all. Kinda makes the ol’ head spin...

If It’s Monday, I Must Be In Parallel-9854723X
So what happens to us during times of heavy parallel mergers and splits, such as a Chaos Node? How can we best work with it? Obviously, we don’t have to be conscious of them to move through parallels, since we’re doing it more or less constantly without noticing. But if we are conscious of the times when the activity is especially heavy, there are ways that we can master the experience so that we are always navigating to our “parallel of highest probability”. During any time of heavy mergers and/or splits, and especially during a Chaos Node, things can move into and out of our life and experience very, very quickly. During a Chaos Node, physical issues can appear suddenly. For instance, cancer in remission can become active again, literally instantaneously. Conversely, an active disease can go into remission or disappear entirely, also instantaneously. It is interesting to note that in almost all cases of spontaneous remission, of cancers or any other diseases, it is because the disease was “spun off” into another parallel.

In a similar vein, issues sourcing from the emotional and mental bodies can be generated or resolved equally quickly. Thus, conscious parallel navigation can be seen as an opportunity to attract miracles into our experience. It is a good idea to postpone major life decisions you may be pondering until things feel more stable, if this is possible. For instance, if your primary mate relationship goes into crisis during a Chaos Node. . . . You might want to hold off on breaking up or starting divorce proceedings until things settle down, since it may only be a temporary condition generated by parallel bleedthrough. Of course, every situation is different, and if you were reevaluating the relationship before you went into the Node, the energy of it might give you the impetus to take action that you may have been unable or unwilling to initiate before. After all, it might actually serve everyone concerned if the relationship in question changes form. Just as in the field of astrology, during planetary retrogrades, the period going into and out of a parallel merger and/or split is more intense. This is also true for a Chaos Node, but because of its scale and powerful effect, even the time of relative stability between the beginning and end of one can feel very disorienting.

Any parallel merger gives us the opportunity to attract or call into our experience qualities and conditions that are joyful to us. Any parallel split offers us the option of “spinning out” what we don’t want away from us into a collapsing parallel. During a Chaos Node, the opportunities are even greater, and during major Nodes such as the ones we will be experiencing for the next few years, the possibilities are literally infinite.

To help us navigate these Nodes, the Council of One has transmitted a technique for us:
Parallel Dance
1. Unify your fields via the Unified Chakra Meditation, or by intent if you’ve already entrained your fields through practice to unify instantly.

2. Allow your consciousness to drop to the center of your heart chakra. In the center of your heart, there is a Threefold Flame—Love, Truth, and Energy. First, notice the three flames. Are they all the same height? If not, raise all of the flames to the level of the highest so they are equal. Settle your consciousness in the center of this Threefold Flame, which gives off light but not heat.

3. Ask Spirit to allow you access into the parallel grids. You may see visions flickering across the surface of the flames, feel the energy of the constant motion of the parallels, or feel nothing much at all. Some people go blank the first time they encounter the grids because our mental bodies, designed to think in a linear fashion, can’t hold cohesion when confronted with the true nonlinear nature of reality. As with anything, practice increases skill and retention of conscious parallel navigation.

4. At this time, ask Spirit to collapse and spin out of your current parallel anything in you, your life, and your universe which no longer serves you, anything which blocks clear and conscious access to Spirit, and any imbalance and diseases of the body and fields. You can add specific requests if you must, but you might want to be as general as possible, since this gives your essence more flexibility in fulfilling your intent. You may feel very cold physically as you do this, since Spirit often uses the frequency of Divine Purity to do this for you.

5. When the spinning-out feels complete, ask Spirit to bring in those qualities and energies that most promote the graceful, easy and joyful expression of your life plan and divine service, full health and balance of the physical body and fields, and the experience of joy on earth. Again, you can make specific requests, but this is not recommended. Remember that you are working on a very high level here, and it doesn’t pay to limit yourself to merely what your human mind can conceive. Specific = More Limitation, Broad = Infinite Possibility. (The exception to this is if you are specifically trying to move out something that popped in during the merger, such as a sudden recurrence of disease or reversal in life circumstance.)

6. When you feel complete, allow your consciousness to float up to behind your eyes, and open them.

During a Chaos Node, it is helpful to do this process daily, or even more than once a day if things feel too intense, because we are constantly jumping parallels, and the parallel we danced at breakfast won’t be the same as the parallel we dance at dinner. Seriously, it is that fluid.

Transmission Recordings

The following transmission events are available as audio files which can be played directly in the player or downloaded using the download icon in the player control bar. Please do not attempt to download these on a tablet or smartphone, they are very large files.

Planetary Energy Maintenance

Council of One through Susannah Redelfs transmission event for the East Coast Michael Students Gathering, Virginia, April 2017. The Council formally introduces the Uraeus Group, the planetary service wing of the Council, and shares methods of creating and sustaining energy grids to support the planet and its life during these times of rapid epochal change. Includes techniques for feeding energy into the existing grids and acting as conduits for the Uraeus Group to work through us. In the Audience Q&A, The Council answers questions from the attendees at the Gathering. They address further development of the Michael Teachings as well as some “state of the universe” inquiries. Pretty open and ranges over many topics. Enquiring minds want to know!

Chaos Nodes and How to Work With the Fuschia Ray of Unity. February 2016

Council of One through Susannah Redelfs transmission event for the 5D Lightways group in Sebastopol, CA on 02-21-2016. The Council speaks about the chaos nodes, how to apply the Fuschia Ray of Divine Unity, and the collective work possible in these tumultuous times.

Chaos Nodes and Parallel Mergers Transmision Event at the West Coast Michael Gathering 2015

Recording of the event, "Chaos Nodes and Parallel Mergers" Transmission Event by the Council of One through Susannah Redelfs. Recorded November 8, 2015 at the West Coast Michael Gathering at the EarthRise Retreat Center of the Institute for Noetic Science in Petaluma, CA

Transpersonal Workshop Presented at the Spring Michael Gathering, Virginia, 2015

The spring Michael Gathering was held at Seven Oaks, Ruckersville, Virginia in April of 2015.

Workshop Manuals and Audio Files

The following materials are audio files and accompanying manuals for a series of workshops given by Susannah Redelfs and the Council of One. The audio files maybe played directly in the player or downloaded using the download icon in the control bar. The pdfs may be downloaded using the pdf download icon. Please do not attempt to download audio files on a tablet or smartphone, they are very large files. There is a wealth of valuable information contained in these workshop files!

Personal Energy Maintenance 101: The Care and Feeding of Your Body and Fields

We are embodied during a time of great change on our Earth, and while this makes for exciting times to experience, current conditions also put a great deal of stress on our energy fields. This includes the physical fields—our bodies.
Join Susannah Redelfs and the Council of One for an informative introductory workshop on the structure of the human fields and how we can best keep ourselves healthy and connected with our deepest source no matter how chaotic or confusing the times. Using knowledge and techniques she has channeled over more than two decades of healing practice, Susannah will provide you with all the tools necessary for basic “energy healing self-maintenance”, allowing you to stay healthy, happy, and “tuned in” to your own Spirit and guides.

Becoming a Master of Manifestation: Living Your Vision of Heaven on Earth

Are you living the life you want to live? Do you sometimes feel as if your life is just happening, that there is no sense of design or purpose? Do you ever feel that there must be a way to redesign your life, so that you are experiencing more joy and ease? Being a co-creator with Spirit of our visions of Heaven on Earth requires of us that we become more conscious of the choices we make, of the energies we put forth in a situation. It requires of us that we become pro-active, not reactive. Most of us know we want to live in joy, but have absolutely no idea of what that looks like for us. It takes creative vision to live Heaven—it doesn’t just happen to us.

In this workshop, we will explore techniques for discovering and refining our own unique visions, and learn methods of bringing those visions into fruition in our lives, in a creative, dynamic, and joyful way. No more can we stand by the wayside, letting life happen.The time has come for us to step into our co-creative flow.

Connecting Soul-to-Soul: The Art of Transpersonal Relationships

Relationships—with others, with the world, with ourselves—are the mirrors through which we come to know ourselves as Love. With true essence contact—the intimate connection between souls—we advance ourselves spiritually. Relationship is the hardest thing we have come here to master on Earth. Relationships are both skill and art, and connecting through Spirit rather than through personality is an art that will continue to advance us in this life and all our lives to come. When we connect to another transpersonally (through Spirit) rather than personally (through our fields) we open the door to unconditional love and bring Grace and clear communication to our relationships. We stop taking things personally and see a situation, ourselves, and others from Spirit’s perspective.

In this workshop, Susannah Redelfs and the Council of One provide tools and techniques for consistently attaining and remaining in the state of transpersonal joy in relationship. By applying what we learn about transpersonal relationships, all of them become uplifted by the presence of Spirit, helping us overcome seemingly intractable barriers to true intimacy and Unconditional Love.

Connecting to Our Spirit Circle: Working with Our Guides for Health, Well-Being, and Joy

When our souls committed themselves to a cycle of incarnation on Earth, we formed relationships with our Guiding Council and astral guides who would mentor us through our passage. Through many lifetimes, as their roles with us change, as we assume more and more responsibility for our incarnations, they encourage us to awaken during our lifetimes on the physical plane and take active roles in the care and maintenance of our energy bodies, including our physical bodies.

At this time on Earth, as more of us are awakening to the deeper levels of our spiritual being, the Guiding Councils are releasing more tools and techniques that we can use to establish clean and clear communication with our guides. While such communions were usually only available in deep trance, dream state, or following physical death, in these times of evolutionary acceleration we are being offered more active support than ever before from our guides.

In this workshop, Susannah Redelfs and the Council of One provide tools and techniques for setting up healing grids and requesting the assistance of our healing guides, honing and enhancing our physical and nonphysical senses to increase the clarity of our communication from our souls and guides, and practical techniques for working directly with our personalities and egos to achieve more transparency to the Divine in our day-to-day lives.

Merging with Spirit: Channeling for the New Millennium

Channeling can be a fun and stimulating way to consciously access information, energy, tools and multidimensional technology from the other dimensions to enhance our lives and quality of experience while we are embodied on Earth. It allows us to tap into the Universal Mind to deepen our understanding of any situation. Even if we have no interest in channeling for others in a more formal or professional context, channeling is a useful skill for any of us who are interested in consciously following our Spirit and receiving clear and comprehensible information from our souls, our guides, and our oversouls (entities or soul groups). We can use channeling skill to quickly access information to help us make higher-probability choices, and to consciously participate with upper-dimensional energy as it flows through us in support of ourselves and the planet. Channeling skill is essential for bringing through the most powerful healing energies.

While the popular perception of channeling is that it is a stream downloaded from “above” in the upper dimensions to where we are “below”, it is actually a bidirectional exchange, using our bodies and fields as conduits. The more clearly we can transmit our experience to our souls moment to moment, the more easily they can work with what is immediately happening around us, leading to more ease and Grace in our lives. The techniques and tools offered in this workshop facilitate our clarity of transmission to Spirit as well as our conscious comprehension of Spirit’s transmissions to us. In this workshop, Susannah Redelfs draws on over two decades of experience as a conscious merged channel to teach exercises for ensuring that we are as clear a filter for Spirit as we can possibly be, with minimal ego interference.

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