These techniques are offered by the Council for your assistance navigating the fast-changing reality state we are in now. Hover over the technique and click to view or download. Audio files are playable in your browser and downloadable. For your own personal energy maintenance, the following protocol is recommended and is listed in priority sequential order using the techniques provided below. Note that it is a suggestion only—the techniques are provided as an unconditional gift from the Council of One for you to use (or not) as you see fit. Techniques with a graphic are the priority ones to be done in the order listed. Techniques without with a graphic indicate that incorporating that technique is optional and based on need or available time. The optional techniques if chosen, should be done following the priority technique with the graphic.


AltTextUnified Field Meditation

Can be done at need all day.

Frequency Expulsion Technique

Only if you are currently fighting a bacterial overload or feel you will undergo more than normal exposure to microbes that day.

AltTextEmpath Techniques

To clear random energy picked up during the night.

Upper Control Panel Adjustment

If needed.

AltTextElectromagnetic Harmonization
Electromagnetic Depolarization

Every few days, or daily if you suffer extremes of mood, or during times of greater planetary instability.

AltTextElectromagnetic Stabilization
Quad Grid-Space and Individual

Do the Individual Field Version. Electromagnetic pollution and the use of recreational drugs will require this daily, otherwise weekly or at need.

AltTextTranspersonal Spiral

On self, and ask Spirit to include anyone you will encounter that day whether you know you will encounter them or not.

Walking in Grace


AltTextUnified Field Meditation

Can be done at need all day.

Grounding Into Spirit

This will promote clear, upper-dimensional dream recall.

AltTextEmpath Techniques

To clear random energy picked up during the night. If your field is spinning using the exercise outlined in this document, then drop the spin in preparation for sleep.

Astral Clearing Technique

Electromagnetic pollution and the use of recreational drugs will require this daily, otherwise weekly or at need.

AltTextFrequency Expulsion

Repeat this in a day only if you know you are currently fighting an active infection.

Before bed at this time, it is also helpful to request that Spirit and your guides work on your body and fields in any way necessary during the night, including repair of energy structures in your fields such as the Jade Pillow. If you are dealing with any illness or pain, ask that this be addressed as well.


AltTextQuad Grid-Space Version

On any place you wish to place a protective grid. Note that this can include your house, your place of work, anywhere you go frequently, your neighborhood, your city, your state, etc.!

AltTextAstral Clearing Technique

If you don’t do it daily.

Optional At Will

The Mediation Corps (or Core) is a 5th-dimensional/mid-causal healing group that extends its training and energy into the astral and physical planes. The “spokesbeing” for this collective of healers is Athena, whose Divine Essence is Clarity. In recent years, this group has been very active on the physical plane, activating their embodied trainees and channeling through new tools, techniques, and information. They are working to provide transpersonal methods for providing psychological (mental-emotional) healing and tools for balancing the ego with Spirit and living in joy. Just as there has been an efflorescence of alternative energy healing modalities in the last few decades, there is a new influx beginning now of alternative psychological healing modalities using energy medicine and 5th-dimensional tools, most of them originating in some way from this group.

These are powerful techniques for accessing what John Lilly called “the metaprogramming function” of consciousness. Using these techniques, we can go deeper than we could normally access, not only into the personality and body of our current life, but into all our lifetimes, the entire breadth of our souls’ experience. It is the “nonsubconscious” of the soul (because there is no part of itself the soul cannot be conscious of at will), where all the deepest symbology of your being is maintained. By working with these inner “soul-symbols” we can effect profound change and release trauma with more ease and Grace.

Electromagnetic Field Harmonization

Under constant assault from electromagnetic pollution in the modern environment, the EM fields of our bodies are becoming more disrupted, causing fatigue, muscle aches, brain fog, depression, and a feeling of being disconnected from our deepest source. Over time, if this field is disrupted and dysfunctional for a long enough period of time, disease can result. Use this technique at will, as needed, whenever you will be sitting for a long time in front of a computer, TV, or other appliance that emits an EM field. I actually place a yellow sticky note on my monitor reminding me to use this technique.

Electromagnetic Field Depolarization

Due to heavy electromagnetic pollution and geomagnetic instability on the planet, as well as increased intensity of solar flares, the electromagnetic field can polarize, pulling into halves that over time pull the mental and emotional bodies into polarization as well. With the current level of geomagnetic instability on the planet, it is advisable to do this technique every couple of days, if not every day. If the fields remain polarized for two long, it affects the brain chemistry, and the condition known as bipolar disorder can result. If you or someone you know suffers from this disorder, then performing this exercise (and the Unified Field) daily will re-entrain the fields to normal, depolarized function and rebalance the brain chemistry, reducing or eliminating symptoms of the disorder.

Electromagnetic Field Stabilization

This exercise helps us stabilize not only our EM fields, but ALL our fields. After we have used the Harmonization and Depolarization exercises, we then use this one to "hold" the rebalancing in place. It also helps for energy workers, channels, planetary service personnel, and anyone else who habitually runs a lot of multidimensional energy through their bodies and fields.

Astral Clearing Technique

The astral plane, sometimes called the Fourth Dimension is where our souls go when our bodies sleep, and after we die. Our day-to-day life is conducted on middle levels of the physical plane. So-called ghosts, which are not dead souls but fragments of a soul's personality from a particular lifetime, usually occupy the upper physical plane, which clairvoyants and other psychically sensitive people can often perceive. More frequently than you might think, these ghosts or entities, which don't realize they are physically dead since the soul has moved on to the middle astral plane, attach to people in the mid-physical levels (the living). There are also entities trapped in the lower levels of the astral who like to interact with living bodies for various reasons, usually to feed their need to taste intensity and live vicariously through their unconscious living hosts. These entities can obscure communication from our Spirit and guides and muddy the psychic waters so to speak. So it is a good idea to keep ourselves clear of them. While the techniques are called astral clearing for convenience, they also work equally well to dislodge riders from the upper layers of the physical plane. It is recommended that we use these techniques daily as part of our spiritual hygiene regimen, to keep ourselves clear of all influences not directly originating from self and/or soul.

Empath Techniques

For those who are on a spiritual path it is not uncommon to open psychic abilities and sensitivities, including empathy—the ability to know the state of another. There are three types of empathy known on the physical plane. There is accessing the higher moving center, or physical empathy—the ability to know what is going on in another's physical body, which is very helpful especially for healing practitioners. There is accessing the higher emotional center, or emotional empathy—the ability to know what is happening in another's emotional body, to feel what they are feeling emotionally. Then there is accessing the higher intellectual center, or mental empathy—the ability to think as another person thinks, to know what is happening in the mental body of another. This ability is also known as telepathy.

The greatest danger in manifesting any form of empathy is the possibility of moving into identification, the negative pole of empathy when it is distorted by fear. When you empathize with another, you know what they are going through without taking it into yourself. This allows you to access unconditional love and compassion for the other. However when fear distorts your perceptions and you identify with another, you believe that what you are sensing from others actually originates with you. This is of no benefit to either you or the other(s) involved. All forms of empathy are key in any kind of healing work, so if you are working as a practitioner it is especially important for your own good and that of the client to avoid the identification trap. This is fairly easy to do using the following techniques or others like them, but this training is simply not available in most cultures at this time in the planet's development. It is helpful to use these techniques during sessions with clients if one is a healing practitioner, or every time you go into a public place.

Adjusting the Upper Control Panel

This is another exercise that will assist empaths and other sensitives to control the flow of energy into and out of our fields. Use as needed.

Quad Grids—Spatial and Personal Field Versions

These are techniques for maintaining the energy in a physical space, like your home or office. The individual version is for maintaining the integrity of your field, especially when you are in public. They are a crucial part of any spiritual hygiene practice. The fields are non-manipulative—they don't force others to conform to them, they simply make negative energy less available and positive energy more accessible to anyone entering the gridded space. Individual free will can always overcome any grid.

Grounding Into Spirit

Most of us, if we are taught to ground at all, are taught to ground from our base chakra to the center of the Earth. However since 1987 and the acceleration of earth changes on this planet you may have noticed that this technique is either less effective or doesn't work at all. This is because the Earth herself is changing so rapidly, and there are so many parallel mergers and splits, that anchoring into the Earth is actually destabilizing, both to you and to Earth! In recognition of that condition, the Council of One has transmitted the following technique for grounding that will work during these times of great and accelerated change. Please note that your field MUST be unified, via the Unified Field meditation, before it will be effective. Instead of grounding into the Earth, you are grounding into the center of your own being.

Frequency Expulsion Technique

In these times of quick and easy travel as well as chemical and germ warfare, we are all exposed to a much wider variety of infectious agents from around the world. Our general health and immune systems are also greatly degraded due to environmental toxins and increased exposure to ionizing radiation from both nuclear and electromagnetic sources. This technique is designed to help flush out these unfriendly microbes, including the laboratory-created varieties that have escaped into the human and animal populations, such as such as *Borrelia burgdorferi* (Lyme disease), *Bartonella henselae* (Morgellon's syndrome),, and the recently-discovered XMRV retrovirus implicated in the conditions known as chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic Lyme disease.

Due to the intensity of this technique, it is recommended that you only use this on yourself unless you are a trained healer, you are reasonably sure that you’re in good energetic “shape” and ONLY if your fields are fully unified via the Unified Field Meditation.

It is also not recommended for animals or children under the age of 16, since they are less able to handle the intensity of the energy. If there is any degradation of either your pranic meridians or 5th Dimensional “higher meridians”, your Spirit and/or guides will very likely block the technique from working to spare you any further damage to your fields. However if your fields are in good shape and you are unified fully, it is a very powerful, very effective technique for ridding your physical body of infection by unfriendly microbes. The longer you have been infected, the longer it will take for this technique to safely clear the microbes and the higher the probability you will experience a Herxheimer effect (healing crisis) as the microbes die off and leave your system. As with everything else, please use your own discernment and follow your Spirit as to whether this technique is appropriate for you at this time.

How to Navigate a Chaos Node

Since 2010, the planet has been in a state of increasing parallel reality mergers and splits. Because of the number and intensity of them, they are called variably chaos nodes or chaotic nodes by those who channel 5th-dimensional beings. If you're interested in knowing more about them and what they will mean for you, here is a document explaining them as well as a technique for moving through them with more Grace and ease.

Telepathic Imaging Release

Often, our outlook on life, ourselves, and our relationships are determined by unconscious telepathic images we hold of them. These telepathic images filter our perceptions and creation of reality, and so this technique is designed to clear us of these unconscious belief systems so that we can manifest our experience of reality on a more conscious and positive level.

Walking in Grace

With this technique, we can radiate Divine Grace with each breath and each step, allowing us to navigate ourselves to the highest probabilities available to us and to avoid karmic interaction.

Transpersonal Spiral

Holding a transpersonal orientation to ourselves, life and others means that we are relating on a spiritual rather than karmic basis to everything. It allows us to clearly access Spirit’s perspective on any given situation. It is a powerful advanced technique that is actually meant to be used as a regular discipline and study rather than the kind of quick-fix solutions often sought by individuals in industrialized societies. Using this orientation of your consciousness, it is possible for healing practitioners to reach much greater levels of efficacy. For those of us simply living here, it allows for the greater possibility of true soul or essence contact, which makes everything we experience on Earth easier for us and makes enlightenment and the experience of Heaven on Earth more accessible.

Connecting to the Inner Altar of the Heart

The inner altar of the heart is where we can go to connect with our souls. No matter where we may go in consciousness, no matter how much we forget, we can always return here to restore that precious connection. From your inner altar, we have a perspective on what's going on in our own bodies and fields that is very difficult to get otherwise. We can also access our own pockets of the Inner Planes and our individual Akashic records from the inner altar. This is the astral realm of dream and symbolism which can offer the key to discovering and breaking down limiting patterns of thought and behavior.

Deep Access and Clearing

Another Mediation Corps technique; it requires the Unified Field, Connecting to the Inner Altar of the Heart, and the Entering the Healing Space in the Heart exercises to work. It allows us to clear old stuck energy patterns and old trauma clusters out of our physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Adjusting the Brain Circuitry

Under constant environmental onslaught as well as internal disruption, the human nervous system, especially of those living in the industrialized world, is becoming erratic in its daily function. Through chronic illness (such as autoimmune episodes, cancer, and infectious disease like Lyme), high exposure to foreign chemical toxins, radiative stress from rising background radioactivity and ionizing electricity, and the constant exposure to radio waves in the form of cellphone and wireless signals, the nervous systems of all living creatures in highly developed areas are becoming extremely stressed and increasingly dysfunctional. This technique rebalances the 4th and 5th-dimensional wiring in the skull that moderates proper central nervous system functioning. Keeping these circuits balanced will assist in balancing the neurochemistry (dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, etc.).

It will also help calm the autonomous nervous system, and consistent use can reduce the frequency and intensity of: tremors, seizures, sleep disorders, balance issues, neuropathy, tingling, numbness in any part of the body, and chronic migraines. Although it isn't strictly necessary to place your hands the way instructed in the diagram, it does mean the work will complete faster. Visualization of the circuitry takes more time and focus, while your essence and guides can use the placement of your fingers on your skull to very rapidly run the circuits, because you're "grounding" it with another part of your body (in this case, your hands). If you incorporate this exercise into your daily spiritual tools, it is recommended that you use it at least twice a day, morning and night. You cannot overdo it, though--if you are suffering from any current condition that is causing nervous system dysfunction, you may need to do it several times a day.

Endocrine System Balancing

This technique helps balance the entire endocrine system by working with the so-called "Golden Triangle" of the pituitary, hypothalamus, and pineal glands within the brain. Balancing these in turn brings into line the thyroid, adrenal, digestive, and reproductive glands.Due to exposure to environmental toxins and stresses from the womb onward, and the highly processed nature of many diets in the developed world, and the rate at which xeno- and phytoestrogrens such as unfermented soy are consumed daily, the endocrine system is often wildly out of balance. As with the Brain Circuitry Adjustment technique: while you don't have to place your hands the way instructed in the diagram, it does mean the work will complete faster.

Visualization of the circuitry takes more time and focus, while your essence and guides can use the placement of your fingers on your skull to very rapidly run the circuits, because you're "grounding" it with another part of your body (in this case, your hands). If you incorporate this exercise into your daily spiritual tools, it is recommended that you use it at least twice a day, morning and night. You cannot overdo it, though--if you are suffering from any current condition that is causing endocrine system dysfunction, you may need to do it several times a day.

Ever-Expanding Capacity

Everything any of us may need or desire can be supplied by one combination or another of Love, Truth, and Energy. What we receive is limited by our capacity, which pushes away all excess energy once a capacity level has been reached. Capacity levels are fixed by imprinting and experience, but using this exercise, we can expand our capacity to receive all that we need to fulfill our life plan from essence with ease and Grace. Once we have opened up our capacity, we can use the Threefold Flame to ground into Spirit and operate from this level of perception all day. Essence Breath is detailed as part of the technique to breathe Light into the threefold flames of Love, Truth and Energy.

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