In Joy and Loving Service to All That Is.

About The Council of One

The Council of One is a merged entity of 5th-dimensional souls whose collective highest purpose is supporting and coordinating the physical and spiritual evolution of this universe and its embodied inhabitants, which includes Planet Earth. The Council offers a unique and inclusive perspective on the changes occurring in ourselves and in Earth herself. Working through incarnate partners on Earth and elsewhere, they seed their unconditional love into the physical plane. Their orientation is pragmatic and their energetic signature is pure unconditional love.

The Council provides practical, effective spiritual tools and techniques for spiritual self-help. They offer their viewpoints, teachings and energy in the greatest love and without condition or expectation of belief and encourage us to use our own discernment as to our truth, whenever we are presented with any kind of information or input. As a merged group they offer a whole greater than the sum of its parts and their trademark is love, humor and the occasional much-needed kick-start to the next level of consciousness.

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Description of Services

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Remote Sessions

Telephone and Skype sessions are available.

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Important Things to Know When Booking an Initial Session

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