AltTextUnified Field Meditation

Here you can download an audio and printed version of the galactic version of the Unified Field Meditation. In the simplest possible language, what the Unified Field does is allow you to receive much more direct communication with the highest levels of your own Spirit. It promotes true essence contact—soul meeting soul through the bodies—between you and others. It allows you to more easily access a more loving and holistic view of self, others, and the universe. It facilitates better access to your intuition about people and events. Some clients have reported spontaneous psychic openings and pure bliss episodes, as well as a more expanded view and better understanding of the deeper meaning of relationships, interactions and events. Some have experienced a more cosmic and all-inclusive view of the universe on a more frequent basis. All report a feeling of well-being and peace. It is an altered state…but a functional one, one we can live in.

In my own experience, it also allows more whole-brain access—thinking feelings and feeling thoughts. It is easier to comprehend the non-linear aspects of reality. I have also seen with clairvoyance that when someone whose fields are unified walks by someone who isn't the other person spontaneously unifies his/her fields, if even for only a second. This means that, simply by our presence here in bodies, we are a powerful force for change and evolution on this plane. Anything that can be done to help promote more direct access into our spiritual source, without intermediaries, is good work, in my opinion. And it seems to allow us to absorb the lessons of the soul with more joy—which, like love, is not an emotion but a state of being—rather than pain and suffering.

This tool is more than just a mental visualization. It is an orientation of your field/aura. It is fairly easy to attain, and less easy to maintain. What I have found is that if the entire process is engaged fully once a day for two weeks, thereafter your aura is entrained and you can unify your fields by instantaneous conscious intent. A simple mental command to Unify now!, or the visualization of breathing light and expanding it instantly around you suffices to unify your fields.

The cue you can use to determine if you need to refresh the Unified Field is if you are dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. Since the Unified Field also puts you into a kind of expanded Now-state, that's a good tip-off that you're no longer in the zone, as it were.

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