Learn More About the Michael Teachings

As those of you who have worked with me know, I use a lot of terminology from the Michael teachings in my work. This is because these teachings formed a great part of my early spiritual development and understanding, and because the model of the overleaves presented seems logical and something I have been able to validate for myself countless times. I suggest this site as a good introductory place to start one’s research if you are curious about the Michael teachings. They also have links to other Michael resources on the net.
Michael Teachings

Shepherd Hoodwin
Shepherd Hoodwin is a gifted West Coast Michael channel. I recommend him for all of his excellent, clear work, but especially for overleaf charts and chart explanations. He has written an excellent book based on his channeling of the Michael teachings, Journey of Your Soul, which has now been released in a revised second edition. His book Enlightenment for Nitwits is a hilarious, light-hearted spiritual teaching tool.
Shepherd Hoodwin's Website

Earth Mission
My work has also been greatly influenced by the amazing, groundbreaking work brought through by E.T. Earth Mission. Although the originators of the work have passed on, this site is maintained to keep some of their excellent work available to us. Note that there is a widget in the upper left quadrant of the website to turn off the annoying music.
Earth Mission Website

Institute of Noetic Sciences
Founded by a former astronaut who had an epiphany on viewing Earth from space, the Institute of Noetic Sciences is an organization dedicated to reconciling the realms of science and spirit. Much of their work studies the so-called "paranormal" abilities of psychics, mediums, channels, and others.
Institute of Noetic Sciences Website

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