An Explanation of My Perceptual Filters

All that I am about to relate is what I have observed through my unusual visual filters. Since birth (or at least 6 hours afterwards, which is my first conscious memory), I have seen energy before physical form, geometric and fractal shape and structure before registering the physical appearance of my environment, and the coursing gold waves of pulsing energy connecting everything and everyone.

There is nothing fuzzy or vague, it is luminous, multicolored, moving, and precise and deliberate in its structure. Everything is in motion, nothing is ever quite still. Every living creature I see shimmers with variable levels of complexity, thrumming with consciousness and intelligence, and humans have standard structures that over my life’s work I have identified as the anatomy of the energy bodies that support and enable the physical expression of life. I don’t see my vision as a disability, because I can “see” perfectly well and it makes everything I look at inexpressibly beautiful. That’s why I keep telling you guys that I wish I could show you how I see you, how shining bright and luminous and beautiful you are!

I didn’t realize until I was about 5 that other people didn’t see the same way I did, after which I stopped talking about what I saw except in physical terms—I couldn’t confuse the levels of perception or I would lose social acceptance. It took practice and numerous slips, but eventually I got there. For the first 20 years of my life, I had to train myself to use it for interpretation of the fields, with the help of my own essence and certain key experiences. My teacher, Tashira Tachi-Ren, is the only other person I ever met who “saw geometries” too, and she continued my training in methods of working with what I was seeing to promote balance, well-being, and vibrant health.

It is a neurological quirk, I suppose, or you can call it a psychic ability—hell, maybe it’s even a mutation of some kind—but it has served me well in my work. I simply refer to it as 5D vision or clairvoyance, since it does allow me to see things with remarkable clarity. If it is all an elaborate delusion or hallucination, it has remained remarkably consistent for decades. And I don’t hear voices in my head, or have any other symptoms of mental illness, so I’m voting for positive adaptation/mutation for the purposes of facilitating human social and spiritual evolution. Might as well make it up, since all my studies of science have gotten me nowhere with explaining myself.

So all of my following observations relate to geometric forms because that’s literally how I see them, it’s how I see everything, all the time. My interpretations of what they mean, of course, are subject to the standard disclaimer, as it’s all coming through my perceptual filters. I’m literally cutting pathways, here, trying to figure out what this means and how I can use it to help and teach others. My visual quirks don’t make my perceptions superior, just different. As can be well imagined, my visual wiring has shaped my perception of people and reality in interesting ways.

Michael Overleaf Chart — Done for Susannah Redelfs by Shepherd Hoodwin

Those of my clients who become interested enough in the Michael Teachings to delve into them more deeply will find this material of interest. Here is my full Michael Overleaf Chart as channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin in 2006. I have self-validated just about everything but the casting, which I still get confused about from time to time over anyway. Damn that confusing Michael-Math! He also generously gave me the gift of a truly beautiful and exhaustive Chart Explanation, another service he offers which I HIGHLY recommend. Because Shepherd and I are also professionally and personally involved (client and friend), he added so many touches that related specifically to things he knows about me from our friendship. Reading it is like a mini-crash-course in the Michael Teachings (MT) as well. It is rich and deep with information and written with clarity and his own inimitable style.

It was an incredible gift—thank you, Shepherd. I cannot recommend his services for Michael charts and explanations enough, and his other work is impeccable as well. There are very few people I let work on me, because my fields are so finely tuned that they can be messed up by a practitioner who doesn't know what they're doing. Shepherd is one of those few whom I trust absolutely with my precious fields. There is such a wealth of information that can be used for inner work in everything he provides. He is not speedy, but he is a perfectionist, methodical, and scrupulously careful in his channeling, and thus very much worth the wait. Shepherd is also providing for us his Glossary of Michael Teachings terms, which is incredibly exhaustive. Thank Tao for the Silky-Tongued Sages of this world like my beloved friend Shepherd Hoodwin!

Michael Reading for Susannah Redelfs Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin

Michael Reading For Susannah Redelfs
By Shepherd Hoodwin, Laguna Niguel CA
According to Michael, each of us at the core is what they like to call a “spark of the Tao” or, you could say, a “unit of consciousness in the all that is.” As this spark, we each decided a long time ago to begin a great journey or adventure that might be called “planetary sentience.” To be sentient, as Michael defines it, is to have consciousness that is complex enough to be capable of purely intellectual function, such as self-awareness and long-range planning. To be a planetary sentient is to play a particular game the universe offers that involves coming to the physical plane of a planet such as earth, inhabiting a life form such as the human form, and experiencing what that planet and life form have to offer. When we’re done, we ascend through the higher planes until we’re fully reabsorbed back into the Tao. That whole loop, from the Tao, through the physical plane and each of the six higher planes, and back to the Tao is called a “grand cycle.” In order to do a grand cycle, we need a vehicle, something that will anchor us into the seven-plane dimensional universe and carry us along this journey. That vehicle is called the “essence,” or “soul.”

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