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As those of you who have worked with me know, I use a lot of terminology from the Michael teachings in my work. This is because these teachings formed a great part of my early spiritual development and understanding, and because the model of the overleaves presented seems logical and something I have been able to validate for myself countless times. I suggest this site as a good introductory place to start one’s research if you are curious about the Michael teachings. They also have links to other Michael resources on the net.
Michael Teachings

Shepherd Hoodwin
Shepherd Hoodwin is a gifted West Coast Michael channel. I recommend him for all of his excellent, clear work, but especially for overleaf charts and chart explanations. He has written an excellent book based on his channeling of the Michael teachings, Journey of Your Soul, which has now been released in a revised second edition. His book Enlightenment for Nitwits is a hilarious, light-hearted spiritual teaching tool.
Shepherd Hoodwin's Website

Earth Mission
My work has also been greatly influenced by the amazing, groundbreaking work brought through by E.T. Earth Mission. Although the originators of the work have passed on, this site is maintained to keep some of their excellent work available to us. Note that there is a widget in the upper left quadrant of the website to turn off the annoying music.
Earth Mission Website

Institute of Noetic Sciences
Founded by a former astronaut who had an epiphany on viewing Earth from space, the Institute of Noetic Sciences is an organization dedicated to reconciling the realms of science and spirit. Much of their work studies the so-called "paranormal" abilities of psychics, mediums, channels, and others.
Institute of Noetic Sciences Website

Books and Info

For work on the Chief Obstacles (an aspect of the Michael Teachings,) I recommend Jose Stevens’ excellent book, *Transforming Your Dragons*.

My teacher was Tashira Tachi-ren of Angelic Outreach, who has since walked out. My love and gratitude to you, Tach, wherever your soul may fly free! The book she channeled, What is Light Body? is still in print.

For an interesting view of the soul's activities when it is between incarnations, the Michael Newton Life-Between-Life books are excellent: *Journey of Souls* (not to be confused with Shepherd's book on the Michael teachings!) and *Destiny of Souls*. I like to reread these periodically.

I don't usually go for "hearts-and-flowers" inspirational channeling, but Donald Neale Walsch's *Communion with God* remains one of my favorite books, which I reread at those times I'm feeling discouraged or down. His *Home with God* is also a great one.

*The Holographic Universe* by Michael Talbot uses the growing body of knowledge of quantum physics to explain for the layman some of the exciting implications it has for studies of psychic phenonomena and the expansion of consciousness. The Council of One often uses the model of a hologram to describe the universe, so reading this book helped me understand exactly what a hologram is and what it does, so that I could better comprehend the holographic re-patterning work that we do in sessions with clients.

Robert Anton Wilson was one of the most brilliant and readable of the postmodern philosophers, funny, brilliant, sometimes cynical, and wise.

Check out his *Cosmic Trigger* for an introduction to the man's incisive wit and laugh-out-loud humor. I also often reread his excellent *Quantum Psychology* to help me stretch my brain out of old, locked-down dogmas and habits of thought. *The New Inquisition* is his barbed salvo into the heart of dogmatic science, listing many examples of occurrences that defy the scientific model, and a good gift for any of your friends who embrace the zealous modern religion of "Scientism".

He coauthored the science fiction "Illuminatus Trilogy" with Robert Shea, and ever after became associated with cults and conspiracies of all kinds, though he maintained a skeptical and agnostic view of them himself.

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