Monthly Global Meditations for Planetary Service

The Council of One through Susannah Redelfs holds a monthly Global Meditation event in service to the planet as we navigate these challenging times. Working as a group within the Unified Field, we assist the Council as they and we send specific frequencies into grid work that has been placed around and within the planet. Depending on need, detailed focus and assistance is given to specific regions. The Council always includes a brief Planetary Update on current and potential events and there is a question and answer period at the end.

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Meditation Recordings

The following planetary service meditation conference calls are available as audio files which can be played directly in the player or downloaded using the download icon in the player control bar. Please do not attempt to download these on a tablet or smartphone, they are very large files. Note that since audio files were transferred between computers their associated creation and modified date data were lost, so that files from March 2017—February 2018 are possibly not in order. Dates have been assigned to these files with a "best guess". As of March 2018 all recordings are accurately dated.

Planetary Service MeditationJuly 12, 2018

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